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About TrafficHaus Cloud

TrafficHaus provides the 1st Private Label Cloud based Ad platform with Ad Block Circumvention built in. Our revolutionary turnkey solution gives you complete control and preparedness for todays modern advertising world. Become your own advertising network, get access to our thousands of advertisers, as well as build your own book of clients. Have instant access to cutting edge technologies to maximize revenue, and manage massive amounts of inventory and data. The best part is, it’s FREE!

What do you mean its FREE?

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Manage Your Ads

Managing your ads with TrafficHaus Cloud is quick, effective, reliable, and easy.

We not only provide you a full website management solution, but we auto optimize in the backend for you, or let you cascade and run A/B testing against other ad networks and PPS programs. So you can ensure we are managing the ad space to the highest capabilities or manage it yourself and have access to the same advanced systems as our experts.

  • Cloud-based - nothing to install
  • Ad Block Circumvention*
  • Lightening fast Ad code
  • Real-time statistics
  • Self Serve RTB engine
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Auto Optimization tools
  • Fully Private-Label

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Ad Block Circumvention

Circumvent all ad blockers, 30% + competitive advantage over competitors. Patent pending proven Technology.

Advanced Targeting Options

Target Geos / Carriers / Devices / Platforms /Languages / Categories / Cities and more...

Security Monitoring

Constant scanning for malware, scareware, tech lockers, ad blocks, and other malicious ads.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting – In depth reporting and analysis, trend mapping, forecasting, and other reporting tools.

24/7 Support

Send an email, skype, or just pick up the phone, we're there


All the features of a private label service, without the high cost!

Build, manage, optimize and monitor multiple campaigns with a time saving easy interface. Get access to our innovative Tech. We are the only private label ad platform that provides ad block circumvention, and advanced scripting along side it.

Ad Block Circumvention

We are the 1st private label ad serving solution to connect with the 1st ever ad block circumvention solution ReviveAds to combine them under 1 powerfull publishing tool.

One Step Integration

TrafficHaus Cloud integrates with just the click of the mouse. You placee the code on your site and you're already making money. We also integrte with DoubleClick, Google, Atlats, Openx, and many others.

Advanced Targeting

Unbelievable targeting features, such as Geos / Browser/ Carriers / Devices / Platforms / Languages / Categories / Cities and more…

Limitless Scaling

The TrafficHaus Cloud serves over 1 billion ads per day and can serve well past 10 billion ads per day, so you can count on reliability.

Real time Reports

Our Big Data analytics reliability and speed is unprecedented. The right data at the right time, to make the right decisions.

Rich Media Ad Support

HTML5, video, flash, gifs, basicimages, emails, pop unders, floaters, you name it. You want it, we can serve it.


What's Free?

Ad Block Circumvention is Free – We get asked this often, we were the 1st company in the world to circumvent ad blockers across display ads, pop unders, and rich media and tie it into a real time bidding platform. We provide this upon request as it is a custom solution. You will be able to manage ads, do advanced targeting, and have access to the same analytics and reporting as normal ad units.

We do have to charge, but luckily it's not a lot. We like to uncomplicated lives, and live by KISS. (Keep it Simple Stupid) Our pricing model is below, it's straight forward and affordable. There are no hidden fees, contracts, or extra costs for surprise features. We are continually developing and improving the software and adding value each month. We do new releases all the time as the industry shapes and changes to keep our clients ahead of the game.

Pricing is based on a geographical make up model based on the tier value of the countries your audience is from. Tier 1 is generally English speaking, western Europe, and select asia countries. Tier 2 is made up of latin America, southern Europe, and some asia. Tier 3 is made up mostly of 3rd world countries and other regions of lesser value.

Tiered CPM Pricing: to use*

  • on demand

    starting from

    $ 6.95/mo
  • Standard Plan

    starting from

    $ 19.00/mo
  • High Volume Plan

    starting from

    $ 500.95/mo

For a customized quote select how many ad requests you'll need per month.

Our pricing is based on Geo Tier's. click below to see what tier your sites geo makeup falls under:


  • Tier1: .02 CPM
  • Tier2: .01 CPM
  • Tier3: .003 CPM

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  • Tier1: .01 CPM
  • Tier2: .005 CPM
  • Tier3: .0015 CPM

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  • Tier1: .008 CPM
  • Tier2: .004 CPM
  • Tier3: .001 CPM

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What can TrafficHaus Cloud Do for me?

TrafficHausCloud will make you more efficient, saving you time, while helping you maximize revenue, and simplify your advertising. TrafficHausCloud will deliver measured results and unprecedented service. Our innovative technologies like our ad blocking solution, auto optimization, targeting and serving of your ads for reaching your ROI, lightening fast statistics and a whole lot more.



Who should use TrafficHaus Cloud?

TrafficHausCloud is for publishers, advertisers, ad networks, video sharing sites, blogsites, and website owners who want to be on the cutting edge and be in control of their ad space. Let us help you reach your revenue goals and reach further expansion.



Does TrafficHaus Cloud have text ad support?

Yes, you can create and rotate text ads in zones on your website as easily as you would with banner advertisements. Try out our native ads solution.



Does TrafficHaus Cloud Offer full rich media acceptance and support?

Yes! TrafficHausCloud serves all ad units including Pop unders, Floater ads, Video Ads, HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS, Flash, Images, Email ads, Mobile ads, … etc.



What Advertising formats does TrafficHaus Cloud support?

TrafficHausCloud can serve any ad size you want, just ask. Traditionally we serve standard IAB images sizes, Flash, CSS, Interstitials, pop ups, complicated scripts, text ads, videos etc. If you can think it, we can serve it.



Can I give TrafficHausCloud a Try?

Yes! TrafficHausCloud is absolutely free if you are utilizing our marketplace. If you are not, you can still try it out free of charge on a 30 day trial. and if TrafficHausCloud doesn't meet your needs for any reason let us know and we will give you a prompt refund. No questions asked.You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk-Guarantee.



Why is TrafficHausCloud so reasonably priced?

We deliver billions of advertisments per day. Most of our publishers like to take advantage of our thousands of advertisers in our marketplace and then piggy back google DFP or other networks with it to maximize their revenue potential.



Why is TrafficHausCloud so fast?

TrafficHausCloud uses combined technologies of the latest in ad delivery available. Our fully customized proprietary ad server was developed from the ground up in San Diego, California.

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